BIRTHFIT Postpartum Group Series

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BIRTHFIT Postpartum Group Series


Every women deserves a warm and welcome space to heal after birth. This one of a kind class will set you on the right path to proper movement!

Class dates will be announced on Instagram find the link below.

8 classes

2 classes/wk

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These next four weeks are about education, healing, and an open space to nourish your soul. You just completed the biggest event of your life. No matter the size length, or place of your birth, your body needs proper healing and recovery. The next four weeks are going to focus on rejuvenating your physical, mental, and emotional body.

REconnect to your core

Fire your posterior chain

Connect with other women 

This 8 class 4 week course goes over functional movements to help you thrive everyday. These innate movement patterns will prepare you for the physical and emotional ride that is #momlife.